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Using Melt and Pour Soap Base

Melt and pour soap is a pre-saponified soap that can be used with or without further chemical processing. Additional glycerin is added to melt and pour soaps, providing more soothing and hydrating properties to the skin. It also helps produce clear soaps that can be readily coloured and shaped, and are gentle on the skin, making melt and pour soaps suitable for use on sensitive skin types.

What you will need:

  • Weighing scale
  • Cutting board
  • Large knife
  • Rubber spatula
  • Silicon soap mold
  • Glass measuring cup

Cut and Weigh Melt and Pour Soap Base
Place the glass measuring cup on the weighing scale and zero out the weight.
Place chosen melt and pour soap base on a clean cutting board, cut soap into small chunks with a clean large knife and place them into glass measuring cup until you have got required amount.

Melt Soap Base
Place soap chunks in a heat-safe container for use in microwave or double boiler. Heat soap in short intervals of either 30 seconds or 1 minute at a time to prevent soap base from overheating or boiling, stirring gently between intervals. Repeat heating and stirring process until soap has completely liquified.

Note: Melted soap base will likely be more than 80 ᵒC (180 ᵒF), so handle with extra care to avoid any burns.

Add Additives
Additives, like fragrances, essential oils, dyes and botanical can now be added into the melted soap base. It is critical to stir additives in gently to prevent any excess bubbles. Excess bubbles can be removed with a light spray of rubbing alcohol once the soap has been poured into the mold.

Pour Soap Into Mold
Mixture can be poured into silicone soap mold once additives have been thoroughly mixed into the soap base. After the mold has been filled, it can be leave at a safe place to cool and harden.

Remove the Soaps
Ideally the soap will be hard enough to remove from the mold in 4-6 hours. Once removed, the melt and pour soaps will be ready to use. Any imperfections can be smoothed down with a cloth or trimmed off with a knife.

Wrap final melt and pour soaps immediately in cling wrap, a non-porous packaging. Glycerin soap bars will be susceptible to sweating and shrinkage if not wrapped. Store melt and pour soaps in a cool, dry place before and after use in the shower.

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