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Melt and Pour Soap

Melt and Pour soap is a ready made soap base composed of glycerin and other natural ingredients. The soap base has undergone a soap making process where oils are combined with an alkaline solution to create a reaction — the "saponification" process.

Melt & pour soaps are ready to be used. Simply melt the soap base, add fragrance and/or dye of your choice to personalise it and pour soap into a mold, allowing it to set.

Benefits of Melt and Pour Soap
The use of melt and pour soap is the quickest and uncomplicated way to make a professional, high quality soap bar. They are a safer alternative to cold process soaps as there is no handling of lye. Even your kids can join in the fun of soap making process as there is no risk of chemical spills, burns or lye fumes.

Unlike cold process soaps, the final product of melt and pour soap bases does not require a curing process. Melt and pour soaps can be used immediately once it have been removed from the molds.

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