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Benefits of Natural Soap Bars

Natural soap bars are slowly gaining its popularity back into bathrooms around the world. It is referred to soap bars that are made from scratch with raw ingredients that are produced in small batches.

Here at The Saboni, we believe in providing our customers with soap bars that are natural, nourishing and safer cleansing alternatives that will be good for our skin. Every bar of soap is handmade and are cured up to six weeks to assure the quality of the soaps. 

The following are benefits of natural soap bars: 

  1. Bar soaps are usually made with quality ingredients such as plant-based oil, blending butters that are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients. Oatmeal, coffee ground and sea salt may be added to act as natural exfoliant in the soap bars. 
  2. Main ingredients of natural soap bars are oils and butters that are skin nourishing while liquid soap contains mostly water. As properly cured soap bars have very little water content left in it, you are getting what you pay for. 
  3. Glycerin, a natural byproduct of soap bars, is a humectant that draws moisture, and emollient to soften skin. It helps the skin to defend against dryness, and works to maintain skin's moisture level, providing a healthy look and feel.
    Commercially produced soaps are commonly processed to remove glycerin, and soaps without glycerin are drying and harsh on the skin, resulting in dry skin.
  4. No preservatives are added to ensure the freshness and effectiveness of soap bars. Liquid soap and body wash, on the other hand, requires preservatives in order to be properly preserved. 
  5. As soap bars are hand made in small scale production, the simpler processes lead to little to no emissions and wastewater discharge. With the use of soap bars, we can eliminate chemicals from commercial soaps from being washed down the drain and entering local water supply. Testing of ingredients on animals are also not involved during the soap making process, thus it is cruelty-free.
  6. Many local soap makers are entrepreneurs running small businesses and your purchase can help make a difference.

 Shop our hand crafted natural soap bars today.

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