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Included Argan Oil on top of my usual skincare products as I have dry skin. After using it for my some time, my skin feels moisturized and definitely feels less dry now.

Customer SK

Oh Honey! is a very useful product that helps with my eczema problems. After using it for 1 week, I have seen much improvements, and my eczema rash does not flare up so often anymore. Highly recommended!

Customer L

Have been using Oh Honey! and seeing results, decided to add Jojoba Oil into my skincare routine and have seen significant results after using it for approximately 7 months. My eczema rash is mostly cleared and my skin looks and feels so smooth now. Satisfied with the results! 

Customer L

Really like how MB Hand Sanitizer Spray kept my hands moisturized after using it. 

Sanitizer is easy to use, and very convenient to bring it out with me.


After using Dry Skin Saviour for approximately 2 weeks, it helps to lessen my eczema rash, and my skin doesn’t feel as irritated and itchy now. It also helps relief my dry skin issue. Love it.

Customer K